About Us


Heritage Horses are passionate about heavy horses, particularly conserving and promoting the Suffolk  Punch, the oldest and rarest of the heavy horse breeds in Great Britain. The Heritage Horse
team actively work to keep alive the skills and traditions of heavy horsemanship.

Matt Bundock manages our successful horse stables. He is a fifth-generation heavy horseman, and all of his working life has been spent with heavy horses. He is a qualified road driver  and trainer for the Suffolk Horse Society, and is well known throughout the UK as both a competitor and a fully qualified judge at the county shows.

Our horses are working horses and are used extensively at Wash Farm, Banham Zoo county
shows and events. They also attend carnivals, work in films and television, can be used for prom transport, funerals and are well suited for use at weddings.

Whatever the occasion our experienced heavy horse team will provide a unique experience and bespoke service – tailored specifically to your ideas and needs

We have a fantastic collection of agricultural vehicles and also trade vehicles. These include, the Winfarthing Wagon (a traditional Norfolk harvest wagon) a Kilverstone Harvest Wagon, an original horse drawn Omnibus, a vintage 1890’s Charabanc, Timber wagon as well as a Hermaphrodite Wagon, Tip cart and Show dray.